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Two losses…

Two losses… published on No Comments on Two losses…

Our team lost two people in the last month. In both cases I was not able to see them before they moved on – I was traveling. Although I may bump into them on occasion, the world is not the same now. I am going to miss my greeting “Dude!” in the morning and hearing “Duuude…” in return. Such things are contextual, they exist only in a given place and time, not reproducible in other circumstances.

People tend to drift apart when they don’t communicate for long. As it often the case, we do not have lots of things to talk about apart from the work-related topics, and it means we are not going to stay in touch. This is a sad reality.

Relationships developed at the workplace do not survive departures particularly well, at least in my experience. Isn’t it a curious consequence of our jobs becoming a significant part of our lives? Your best friends and people you want to be around are your officemates.

One of these guys used to be my boss for the last three years. During this time I saw him growing into a rare breed of a manager who really cares about the whole team and each one of us. Our 1-on-1s were something I was always waiting for. They meant a lot to me, both professionally and personally.

So, what’s now?

We’ll see. It won’t be the same – this universal cliche is quite appropriate here. I understand that the way forward entails leaving the past behind and embracing the new reality. I must admit though that starting with the clean slate in the old place may be a tough call.

What are they saying about new wine and old wineskins??

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